Spring Harvest & Fitness Check In!


We have two zucchini plants starting to pop out of the soil. I’m hoping that soon a lot more of what we planted will come up.  Last summer we planted two blueberry bushes. This is what I harvested today.


Not at lot – but enough for tomorrow’s oatmeal. YAY Smile


I did my Monday Booty Blasting Walking Workout. Thank You Fitnessista!

Tuesday nights are my Zumba nights. My husband comes home early to watch the baby and I head off to class. I came home a sweaty delicious mess. I had SO much fun. If you haven’t been to Zumba class – you should go – with me if you’re in LA!

I love ZUMBA

Wednesday was my scheduled day off from working out. But I had SO much energy and a clean house that didn’t need to be re-cleaned. I took Liv for a 45 minute walk and then did some core work. BONUS!!!

I swear I have lots more energy now that I’m eating more. I really noticed it during Zumba. I went full force the entire hour. I never felt a slump or like I was ready for class to be over. It was great to finish class knowing I had given it my all. 

I like eating. I don’t have much else to say about that. Winking smile

How’s everyone else’s week going?

The Reboot Button


Look at this face…..

miss olivia

How could this sweet face make me want to hit the reboot button for the day?

Let me tell you….

At about 4 o’clock this afternoon this little angel had a decidedly un-angelic poopsplosion.


She was in disposables (this never happens in her cloth diapers but we still don’t have a large enough stash and they’re in the wash) and said poo went up and out the top and back of those cute little Sesame Street character laden diapers. This was a multi-wipe job. It was probably a job for a power hose but that seemed inappropriate.  In between wipes, the always squirmy Olivia, managed to get her hands covered in poo. Then proceeded to rub the poo hands all over her body. Then she launched a massive spit up attack, which I’m pretty sure ranked high on the Richter scale.

So, time for a bath. Olivia is close to rolling over. She likes to practice. Especially at 2 am. And apparently in the tub. I told you – squirmy. And just to make her bath complete – she spit up all over herself just as we were finishing up.

Finally clean and dry. She was Miss Squirmypants while I was diapering her cute little butt. And that is the moment. The moment where I hit the mommy wall. And I said…”where’s the reboot button on this thing”? Liv smiled and giggled and thought that was hysterical. Now I know that should be enough. That I should think “that makes it all worth it” but what I really thought “is it too early for a glass of wine?”

I put her in the pack-n-play so I could come blow off some steam and write this. She happily played for 3 minutes and then fell sound asleep. Of course.  Now where is that Chianti?

How do you deal with the mommy wall? What is your reboot button?

Success! And a game plan


It has officially been a week since I’ve decided to UP my calories in order to lose weight. And you know what? It’s working!! I’ve lost two pounds. Granted it’s the same two pounds I’ve lost and gained the past month – but there’s something that feels permanent about it this time.

I’ve been using my fitness pal to help me keep track of my calories. It’s a great tool. And sometimes quite the eye opener as well!. I was consuming around 1500 calories a day – turns out that is TOO little for a nursing momma. Breast feeding burns approximately 500 calories a day. So my body was trying to survive on 1000 calories a day while supporting a tiny human. I am now trying to make sure I eat at least 1900 calories a day and more on days when I work out. On my zumba days I need to eat at least 2300 calories.


I’m stoked I lost some weight – I ate pizza and brownies this week. AWESOME!!! I guess there is something to that whole ‘everything in moderation’ philosophy.

I also didn’t allow myself to beat myself up over working out. I’m working on convincing myself that not every workout needs to be two hours of intense training. Sometimes a half hour walk with the baby is all I need.

Having a plan is essential for me. It helps keep me organized and it gives me something to at least work around. I have my dinner plan for the week. And my workout plan as well.


Monday – Booty burning Walking Workout from the fitnessista. I LOVE her blog.

Tuesday – ZUMBA! If you’re in LA come join me! https://www.facebook.com/zumbawithgringalatina?fref=ts

Wednesday – OFF

Thursday – Long walk with Liv in stroller. Maybe some yoga

Friday – Strength training and dance party with Liv

Saturday – ZUMBA!!

Sunday – off in preparation for Monday’s 5k.


Monday- Baked chicken and zucchini orzo

Tuesday – leftovers (It’s Zumba night after all)

Wednesday – Lentil Dal

Thursday- Veggie Frittata

Friday – Tortellini

Saturday – GRILL!!! Probably Brats with sauerkraut.

New to this whole blog-o-sphere….


I’m still getting used to the idea of myself as a blogger and I completely forgot that I need to take photographs of all the fun stuff I get to do. Yikes!

Saturday was super wonderful!

The weather was beautiful and my husband offered to watch Olivia while I went on a much needed bike ride.

Photo from our honeymoon – biking in Tuscany!

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Losing the baby weight.


Nursing will melt away your baby weight. If you were in shape before you became pregnant your body will bounce back right away. You should be back in your pre-preggers jeans in six weeks after baby.  These were all the “universal truths” I told myself while I was pregnant.

I lied.

To be fair, I didn’t know I was lying. All of the mom’s I knew looked fantastic! They all spoke of how the breastfeeding melted the fat away and now they weigh less now than their pre-preggers weight. I hate them. And I hate myself for hating them.

Yes, breast feeding has helped lots of mom lose the weight. On the other hand, there are lots of moms who cling on to every last ounce of fat – these mommas do not get the media coverage they deserve – hence my not knowing I was lying to myself.

I gained 40 pounds during my pregnancy. Not bad. Not the 15 pounds some of my friends gained. But not a horrific number. My doctor didn’t seem at all concerned. My doctor doesn’t have to fit into my old jeans.

dining out2013-04-27 11.21.18

My pre-preggers body and my 3 month post-partum body.
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